Empower staff to support people in person-centered recovery and wellness through emphasizing inclusion, self-determination, and belonging.    

Inclusion, self-determination, and belonging are essential to mental health recovery. The College of Recovery and Community Inclusion is a unique training option that helps staff organize around these key approaches and support each person in a way that respects their experiences, culture, and personal vison of recovery.    

Not an instruction manual. There was no us and them. I liked the combination of audio, reading, and pictures. It was positive and supportive and made the job seem doable. I enjoyed the lessons immensely.” – Participant co-creation reviewer from Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery 

 The core knowledge, skills and values in each course align with evidence-based practices that support full and meaningful community inclusion, participation and belonging.  

Empower your staff in their journey to help people with mental health conditions recover and continue their lives within their own communities. 


The College of Recovery and Community Inclusion covers: 

  • Cultural Competence in Mental Health Service Settings 
  • The Effective Use of Documentation 
  • Introduction to Mental Health Recovery and Wellness 
  • Mental Health Treatments, Services, and Supports 
  • Professionalism and the Community Mental Health Practitioner 
  • Seeing the Person First: Understanding Mental Health Conditions 
  • Trauma Matters: Understanding Trauma and Its Impact  
  • Understanding Community Inclusion  
  • Understanding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  
  • Universal Precautions and Infection Control  

 Organizations dedicated to inclusive, trauma-effective, person-centered, and culturally responsive practices will find this content essential in helping their staff develop the competence needed for supporting mental health recovery. 

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