Lead the way to community living.

As mental health practitioners, promoting recovery through inclusion in the community is essential to helping people with mental health conditions lead satisfying, self-directed lives. The College of Recovery and Community Inclusion provides training to help you and your staff meet the needs of every person served by your organization.

With knowledge, skills and values built into every course, you’ll see a positive change in the services and supports your staff provide. As staff knowledge and skills increase, building a higher quality of life for individuals and their families becomes a part of everything you do.

The College of College of Recovery and Community Inclusion is designed to help.

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Surpass compliance.

With DirectCourse, you can keep a permanent, verifiable record of training for every mental health practitioner in your organization. As policy changes take effect, DirectCourse gives you the ability to ensure that everyone is trained with the latest best practices that translate to the best support for people with mental health conditions.

Strengthen careers.

Create a stable, well-trained mental health workforce by empowering practitioners with trusted, practical skills and knowledge. Beyond improvements for today, the College of Recovery and Community Inclusion provides a greater sense of satisfaction as your practitioners grow confident in developing their skills and knowledge. As workforce satisfaction increases, turnover decreases – leading to a solid, trained group that those you serve can trust.

Ensure competency.

With an established standard of skills and knowledge, The College of Recovery and Community Inclusion will help you ensure that your staff meets standardized competency requirements. DirectCourse makes it simple to document and prove training with permanent, verifiable records via Elsevier Performance Manager, a premier learning management system.

Reduce costs.

Traditional training and learning systems are generally costly on every level. DirectCourse makes training simple with online courses that are accessible anytime, enabling practitioners to learn at their own pace. By building on Elsevier Performance Manager, we’ve made training efficient and cost-effective, even if you need to customize courses to fit your needs.

Standardize support.

Measuring competency for healthcare professionals is common practice – with the College of Recovery and Community Inclusion, you can do the same for your mental health practitioners. DirectCourse makes it easy to track, manage and assign lessons for your entire staff. From new hires to veteran staff members, you can document their training and skills against a set of standardized competencies.

Stabilize staff.

As you start to establish consistent training with the proven best practices in DirectCourse, your staff can build a sense of confidence and satisfaction in the work they do every day. Increasing satisfaction in your workforce will help reduce turnover, improve quality, and retain the trained mental health practitioners on staff – reducing stress and costs throughout your organization.

Why DirectCourse?

The best content.

Content for DirectCourse College of Recovery and Community Inclusion (CRCI) is developed in collaboration with the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion for Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities. As national leaders in research and training, their focus is to increase opportunities for greater community participation for people with mental health conditions, and to promote the understanding of community inclusion as a whole. That research goes directly into our courses, all of which are reviewed by our National Advisory and Editorial Boards. These subject matter experts in the field ensure that the topics and content is constructed into trusted, up-to-date knowledge that your staff can use.

A trusted platform.

We deliver our content through Elsevier Performance Manager, a premier learning management tool. The platform enables learners to access courses online at any time, and allows training supervisors to add customized content, so you can integrate training into everyone’s current workflow. Elsevier Performance Manager enables learners to meet training objectives at their own pace, and team leaders to mitigate risk, demonstrate compliance and improve the learning process for every staff member.

Measured improvement.

Since our training is based on trusted competencies and a validated skill set, you can help your entire organization improve as a whole. No matter how much experience one practitioner has compared to another, College of Recovery and Community Inclusion provides a clear way forward to real improvement. Built on Elsevier Performance Manager, DirectCourse gives you the ability to track, manage and document every level of training. For any areas that need improvement, you can see how your staff is doing, and assign lessons as needed, on an individual basis.

Educate. Enrich. Inspire.

That’s our mission. We want to give you everything your organization needs so you can educate your staff, enrich their knowledge and help them inspire everyone they work with on a daily basis.

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