Train your staff to recognize, organize, and include people’s priorities and strengths into a person-centered support plan 

Person-centered counseling professionals play a vital role in assisting older adults, people with cognitive and physical disabilities, and those with similar support needs in finding the right resources and support. This training helps professionals learn how to listen in ways that keep the person at center of their life and explore what is important to the individual. 

“My colleagues and I sometimes struggle to find a balance that helps people solve their immediate problems and achieve longer-term goals while fostering their independence and respecting their right to take risks…but the practical tools in the PCC curriculum have shown me that finding this balance is a skill that can be taught and practiced. I can’t wait to make it a regular part of training all incoming staff!
– Nassira Nicola, Director of Community Integration, Boston Center for Independent Living   

Designed for professionals working in Aging and Disability Resources Centers and No Wrong Door Systems, this training can be useful to any profession with planning or service coordination responsibilities in long-term services and supports. 

The Person-Centered Counseling curriculum was developed through a partnership with federal and state partners, the University of Minnesota, the University of California, San Francisco, the Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices, and Support Development Associates.  It is maintained by the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota.  

This content will help long-term services and supports professionals in any role, understand more about how to apply person-centered thinking into planning and daily support.  

Training Content 

This training provides foundational knowledge with real-world applications that will equip counseling and planning professionals with the skills to provide person-centered support.The Person-Centered Counseling training program includes these courses: 

  • An Introduction to the No Wrong Door System 
  • Person-Centered Thinking and Practice 
  • Person-Centered Planning and Implementation 
  • Who We Serve 
  • Person-Centered Access to Long Term Services and Supports 
  • Protection and Advocacy 
  • Supporting Caregiving Family Members 

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