Enhance the community by improving long-term care supports and services.

Empower staff working in the “No Wrong Door” system with the knowledge and skills they need. With training on person-centered thinking and practice, counseling professionals can deliver long-term services and supports in line with leading standards across the country.

As States’ No Wrong Door (NWD) systems simplify access to support for older adults and people with disabilities, DirectCourse delivers training to give staff the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively implement Person-Centered Planning principles and practices for everyone they work with, regardless of age, disability, income or program eligibility.

My colleagues and I sometimes struggle to find a balance that helps people solve their immediate problems and achieve longer-term goals while fostering their independence and respecting their right to take risks…but the practical tools in the PCC curriculum have shown me that finding this balance is a skill that can be taught and practiced. I can’t wait to make it a regular part of training all incoming staff!

– Nassira Nicola
Director of Community Integration, Boston Center for Independent Living

Person-Centered Counseling is designed to help.

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Get involved.

As a part of the No Wrong Door system, counseling professionals play a vital role in assisting older adults, people with disabilities and their families in finding the right support. With DirectCourse Person-Centered Counseling, you will develop a greater understanding of the No Wrong Door system and how to make a greater impact in your role.

Deliver support.

From a background on the person-centered counseling planning process to a hands-on learning course, the right training will empower you to deliver greater support. That’s why DirectCourse offers a well-rounded program that covers the cultural, personal and professional aspects of person-centered counseling.

Prepare staff.

In addition to collaborating with other agencies and organizations in your field, the success of the No Wrong Door system also requires the right training for staff. DirectCourse Person-Centered Counseling starts with background knowledge on the NWD vision and builds skills in line with the values and key system structures of the proposed system.

Train efficiently.

DirectCourse is built with the power of Elsevier Performance Manager to make it easy to see the training progress of your entire team. Throughout the training process, you will have a documented record of training, competencies, assessments, certification and more. Together with the lower costs of online-focused training, you can deliver training more efficiently for your organization as a whole.

Find support.

It can be difficult to find the right long-term services and supports for you or a family member. The No Wrong Door system is an effort to simplify the process by better connecting different agencies and organizations statewide. Our training provides foundational knowledge with real-world applications to ensure that your person-centered counseling professional can help you and your family discover the support you need.

Live independently.

The No Wrong Door approach to services is not only making it easier to find support, but bridging together the people who provide support. All of this is collaboration comes together for the same goal: helping older adults and people with disabilities live more independently and participate fully in their communities. Through a better approach and the right training, DirectCourse is helping further those goals for the long-term services and supports industry.

Why DirectCourse?

The best content.

DirectCourse Person-Centered Counseling content is developed in collaboration with University of Minnesota’s Research and Training Center on Community Living, the Community Living Policy Center at the University of California, San Francisco, and Support Development Associates. This new DirectCourse content supports the development of counseling professionals in line with the NWD system, as envisioned by the U.S. Administration for Community Living, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Veterans Health Administration. With DirectCourse, you can be confident in every course, for all of your staff.

A trusted platform.

We deliver our content through Elsevier Performance Manager, a premier learning management tool. The platform enables learners to access courses online at any time, and it allows training supervisors to add customized content so you can integrate training into everyone’s current workflow. Elsevier Performance Manager enables learners to meet training objectives at their own pace, empowering team leaders to mitigate risk, demonstrate compliance and improve the learning process of every staff member.

Courses for improvement.

To help organizations in participating states develop the personnel and community knowledge base, the DirectCourse Person-Centered Counseling program consists of six different courses. Throughout the program, your learners and staff will walk through the NWD system and all of the elements of being a successful, impactful counseling professional. To learn about the courses covered in this program, read more here.

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