Tackle your workforce challenges and revitalize your services by training and developing your supervisors, managers, and leaders.  

The College of Frontline Supervision, Management, and Leadership is for supervisors, managers, and leaders who want to apply best practices in support across disability, aging, mental health, and other long-term services and supports in the following areas: 

  • Finding, engaging, and retaining competent frontline workers and other employees   
  • Enhancing supervision and management skills at all levels of your organization 
  • Promoting person-centered and trauma-effective implementation of programs, policies, and practices   
  • Using data-informed decision-making to enhance workforce stability and effectiveness. 

By providing training and development opportunities to your supervisors, managers, and leaders, all of your employees will be more effective in delivering high quality person-centered support. The College of Frontline Supervision, Management, and Leadership was developed in collaboration with the Research and Training Center on Community Living at the University of Minnesota, leaders in workforce development.  

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The College of Frontline Supervision, Management, and Leadership curriculum covers the following key areas: 

  • Business Practices and Organization Development   
  • People We Support   
  • Supervision and Leadership   
  • Workforce Development  

These topics will empower your managers and supervisors to enhance their leadership, knowledge, and skills.

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