What is DirectCourse?

DirectCourse is trusted training that’s built on the latest research and delivered online via a powerful learning management system (LMS). It gives you the ability to easily access, customize, track and assess training across your staff. DirectCourse is your answer to a more efficient, more cost-effective organization – helping you quickly build a staff that improves the lives of the people they work with and support, while meeting compliance requirements and reducing liability.

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Expert education

Each DirectCourse curriculum is a cohesive set of lessons developed through a partnership with nationally recognized experts who understand the diverse learning needs of the direct service workforce.

Reduce costs

Our blended learning approach means everyone can access essential training anytime, anywhere to learn crucial foundations at their own pace. Not only is it more cost-effective than traditional classroom training, it frees up more time for discussion and support.

Improve competency

To ensure that your staff members enrich the lives of everyone they support, we offer you the ability to track progress, manage content and assign skills to standardize training toward competencies in your industry, including NADSP and APSE.

Increase retention

With our engaging training, you’ll help your employees be more satisfied in their current roles and inspire them to reach their career goals for the future.

What makes us different?

The best content.

At DirectCourse, we partner with industry experts to create content based on the latest leading research. That means working with university centers supported by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research to write and refine our content. Our partners build every course plan with the guidance of their National Advisory Board and National Editorial Board, to ensure that best practices and the latest knowledge are at the center of everything we offer.

With you every step of the way.

We use our own learning management system, Elsevier Performance Manager, to make learning simple. With access to courses anytime, anywhere, users can learn at their own pace. For administrators, Elsevier Performance Manager makes it easy to track progress, assign lessons and customize content for every course, enabling organizations to meet compliance standards.

Change lives with training from DirectCourse.

College of Direct Support

Support more fulfilling, more rewarding lives.

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Hone your skills caring for people living in the community.

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Lead the way toward community living.

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