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DirectCourse provides standardized, tailored online training to empower direct support professionals and home care workers in their mission to help others lead meaningful lives within their communities. With DirectCourse, you can provide easily accessible, evidence-based content for your staff training to help improve organization efficiencies.


Our mission: Educate. Enrich. Inspire.

“We identified all the skills and competencies that direct support professionals need to have, and then we developed DirectCourse to respond to those competencies. The workers who are trained using it feel better about their jobs and are more committed and confident in their work.” — Dr. Amy Hewitt, founder of DirectCourse 

What people say about DirectCourse

“The curricula addresses the competencies and skills that Direct Support Professionals need to have to provide high quality support and help people with disabilities be active and valued members of our communities.”Administrator for the state of New Jersey

“Now more than ever, online training opportunities are important in supporting the development of our providers and direct support workers in the service they provide to our communities.”Administrator at the state of Minnesota

“Our success is greater because we have access to all five Direct Course curricula. We take lessons from all of them to customize the very best solution to a training need.”Administrator for the state of Mississippi

Curricula built by our trusted partners

Our content is developed through long-standing partnerships with university-based research and training centers who are the most respected leaders in their fields. 

Service sectors on which our content focuses includes:  Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health, Aging and Senior Living, Physical and Medical Challenges, Employment Supports, Person-Centered Practices, and Supervision and Management in human services.   

Within each curriculum we offer training on a wide range of topic areas and within each topic area there is deep coverage of the subject matter through the offering of multiple lessons addressing a range of knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to that topic. 

  • For anyone offering supports to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities 
  • Training focused on building competencies, confidence, and careers 
  • Content to prepare entry-level staff as well as experienced professionals taking on new challenges 

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  • For employment support professionals across all sectors  
  • Learn how to support individuals with disability challenges to achieve their employment goals 
  • If you are preparing for individual accreditation by ACRE or CESP, this content will help prepare your staff 

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  • For support professionals and caregivers assisting individuals with physical challenges and older adults 
  • Learn about the difficulties faced by individuals with physical challenges and older adults, and how proper support can help those people live a longer and better quality of life 
  • Learn about the challenges and supports surrounding dementia care 

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  • For staff supporting individuals with mental health conditions in their community inclusion activities 
  • Learn about how trauma can have a life-long effect on someone with a mental health condition and how they can be helped 
  • Learn about mental health recovery 

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  • For professionals and organizations who support individuals and families who are self-directing their choices of supports 
  • Person-Centered practices training for all staff 
  • Training on respecting the options and choices of individuals and families 

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  • For individuals in supervision, management, and/or leadership roles in human services organizations  
  • Support individuals who are promoted – or preparing for promotion – from within the ranks to be successful in new leadership roles 
  • Provide consistency of supervision and leadership with common training of supervisors 

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DirectCourse is an online training curricula designed to educate and empower

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