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Crime and Inclusion – People with Disabilities Deserve the Opportunity to Live Independently in the Community with Their Peers.

In an op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the state director of The Arc Wisconsin addressed the brutal attack on a Chicago teenager with disabilities and urged that it not be used to make the case against community inclusion. Her comments were in response to a commentary that proffered the logic that the horrific incident… Read more


DirectCourse and Institute for Community Inclusion Celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month

In October, disability advocates and allies across the U.S. celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month, supported by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). DirectCourse and the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at the University of Massachusetts Boston are proud to participate in and honor employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This October, the DOL has… Read more


Equity, Equality, and Inclusion

In her recent novel, “small great things,” author Jodi Picoult addressed the difference between equality and equity. As one of the author’s character explained it: “Equality is treating everyone the same. But equity is taking differences into account, so everyone has a chance to succeed.” She goes on to say that the former seems fair,… Read more


Bullying Prevention: Teaching Our Youth To Embrace Their Differences

October was anti-bullying month, so naturally we at DirectCourse thought this would be a good time to talk about this issue, and how it may affect people with disabilities. Research suggests that children with physical, developmental, intellectual, emotional, and sensory disabilities are more likely to be bullied than their peers. According to a study conducted… Read more


Why It’s Important to Keep Our Direct Support Staff Happy

Direct service professionals are an often-overlooked specialty in need of tolerant, good-natured workers; those who can provide the delicate care needed to keep up with the various challenges that are unique to clients with disabilities. Perhaps at DirectCourse we are a little biased, but we believe direct care staff might be one of the most… Read more



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