Invaluable: the unrecognized profession of direct support

A multi-perspective documentary depicting the critical juncture the United States is facing where national and state strategies must be implemented to secure the direct support workforce and save our systems from regression.

Date: Wednesday, January 12th
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET
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  1. 1Introduction: Nancy Thaler
  2. 2Background: Demographic Climate Change
  3. 3Family Caregivers: the Backbone of the Nation’s LTC System
  4. 4How are States Responding?
  5. 5Working with States: Developing Systems of Support
  6. 6Training and Support for the Supporters
  7. 7Overview: New HCBS Rules
  8. 8What Does Integration Look Like?
  9. 9Questions and Conversation
  10. 10Conclusion
  11. 11Invaluable: the unrecognized profession of direct support
  12. 12