Skill and Trust Improve Long-Term Care


A recent study by LifePlans, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping long-term care insurers, plans and providers, examined individuals receiving such care, to help determine the most effective ways to deliver support that satisfies them.

The study, whose results were examined in a recent article on the Huffington Post, showed that caregiver performance and trust are essential to supporting people.

“Generally, people connect satisfaction with the technical abilities of their caregiver,” writes Dr. Bruce A. Chernof, MD, the President and CEO of the SCAN Foundation, which supported the study. Dr. Chernof goes on to observe that highly skilled caregivers are “tantamount to building a solid relationship between the caregiver and the individual needing support, another key element in maintaining high levels of satisfaction.”

The DirectCourse/College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving (CPAC) has developed courses designed to give professionals and family members the skills to help foster the best homecare environment possible. Courses such as Personal Care, Safety at Work and Roles and Responsibilities of a Home Care Provider, among others, offer the best training possible.

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