Announcing a NEW CRCI Course

DirectCourse is pleased to announce the release of a new DirectCourse/College of Recovery and Community Inclusion (CRCI) course focusing on Trauma Informed Support.  This new course titled, “Trauma Matters: Understanding Trauma and Its Impact,” is now available for organizational learning administrators, to incorporate into learners’ lesson plans by creating a module and assigning to learners.


The impact of trauma in the lives of individuals served in the behavioral health system is of increasing concern. These lessons will explore the many impacts of trauma on individuals served, those providing services, and the system of available community supports. We will explore how the difficult and often traumatic events of a person’s past and sometimes current life situation can have a tremendous impact on their overall health and wellbeing. It will review the prevalence of trauma, especially among people who seek assistance from providers of mental health and substance abuse services. It will review the impact trauma can have on a person’s world view, their overall health, how they perceive themselves, engage with others and function in society. It will introduce the learner to the necessary practice shifts in a trauma-informed care organization to better assist those who are on this healing journey. These lessons will discuss how traumatic experiences impact the brain and an individual’s ability to learn, regulate emotion and form healthy relationships. It will discuss how people with trauma histories experience behavioral health and substance abuse services. These lessons will focus on the factors that increase someone’s ability to be resilient and the idea that resilience can be learned. We will define and review trauma-informed care approaches as well as explore a number of trauma-specific interventions. These lessons will introduce the learner to the Seven Domains of Trauma-Informed Care developed by the National Council for Behavioral Health that focuses on ensuring an entire organization meets the needs of those who have experienced trauma and partners effectively with them in their healing journey. Additionally, we will look at how trauma impacts the people who work in behavioral health and community serving organizations. And finally, we will explore the qualities trauma survivors have or develop to help them heal and review how trauma-informed approaches support the development of these qualities.

This course consists of the following lessons:

Lesson 1:    What is Trauma?

Lesson 2:    The Prevalence of Trauma

Lesson 3:    The Impacts of Trauma

Lesson 4:    Perspective and Practice Shift

Lesson 5:    Trauma and the Brain

Lesson 6:    Trauma and Its Effect on How People Experience Services

Lesson 7:    Trauma and Resilience

Lesson 8:    Trauma-informed Care Approaches

Lesson 9:    Trauma-specific Interventions

Lesson 10: The Seven Domains of Trauma-Informed Care

Lesson 11: Trauma Impacts the Workforce

Lesson 12: Healing from Trauma is Possible

Assign this new course to your learners today!  Simply create a module with the new course.

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