Are You Prepared for Dangerous Weather Conditions?


Most home care providers understand that being adequately trained and prepared for an emergency is important. Though when we often think of hazardous weather, we may tend to imagine blizzards and hurricanes, those moments that not only get the most coverage in the media, but whose epic scope seems to lend itself to training.

While the summer and autumn seasons may seem to be mild and enjoyable, in both cases we find many instances of disastrous weather conditions. Though this last summer has been quite pleasant, in the past record heat waves have hit cities across the world. Unfortunately, when we examine closely the casualties from heat—not to mention driving rain storms, hail, or tornadoes (all typically summer emergencies)—we see that they tend to be made up of older individuals.

As a home care provider, it is your responsibility to be prepared for emergencies—any emergencies in all seasons. The DirectCourse/College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving curriculum includes a course that is the perfect training tool to ensure that you’re ready for whatever Nature throws your way. Being Prepared for an Emergency is a five-lesson course that includes such topics as the Unique Needs of People with Disabilities and Older Adults, Natural Disasters and Weather-Related Emergencies, and Responding to and Recovering from Emergencies, the last of which is often crucial in diminishing injuries from bad weather, and even surviving and emergency.

For more information, please visit the College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving website where you can request a free demonstration of our coursework.

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