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The Arc of Mississippi Launches New CPAC Curriculum

It is said that every great journey begins with a single step, and the DirectCourse/College of PersonalAssistance and Caregiving (CPAC) curriculum begins its journey with The Arc of Mississippi and Lisa Burck, who first saw its potential to help the organization.

Kansas Continues to Train DSPs with Statewide CDS Curriculum

Beginning in 2002, Kansas offered a grant to implement the College of Direct Support (CDS) curriculum to organizations around the state. At the time, any intellectual developmental disability service provider could access the CDS online curriculum at no cost.

Pennsylvania was the First in the Country to Adopt Online CDS Curriculum Statewide

For nearly a decade, Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has continued to provide self-advocates, families and direct support staff with access to DirectCourse/College of Direct Support (CDS). Pennsylvania became the first state in the country to adopt the CDS online curriculum for uniform education across the entire state.

CDS Called ‘Solid Educational Training’ For Kentucky’s DSP Workforce of 6,500

See how Kentucky made strides to provide the highest quality training available for their DSPs and other support staff.

New Hampshire’s DirectConnect Blends CDS Into Its Unique Approach To Training DSPs

There is a unique initiative underway at the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability. Its name is “DirectConnect” and it was created to help identify and put into place sustainable best-practice models for the recruiting, training, educating and retaining of directcare workers across four population sectors – aging, mental health, physical and developmental disabilities.