New Savings Calculator Helps Set Training Budget


Whether the economy’s soaring or times are tough, organizations are always seeking ways to cut costs and stretch their budgets whenever, and wherever, possible. With this in mind, DirectCourse has created a “Savings Calculator”, designed to allow potential clients of any of the DirectCourse curricula to determine how much money they will save using our online training.

Bill Waibel, Director, Business Development and Workforce Development, Elsevier/MC Strategies, helped develop the Savings Calculator, which is available to clients beginning November 1. “Our goal was to come up with a savings calculator to determine using DirectCourse versus classroom training,” he explains.

The Savings Calculator is available to clients beginning November 1, and is an online device to help an organization determine their yearly savings from using DirectCourse to train their employees, as opposed to conventional classroom training.

Using industry standards, the Calculator is simple and easy to use. With only six questions, clients are able to quickly determine the cost benefits of online training versus classroom training, with a table and a graph to help clarify the expenses of both. The whole process takes literally just a few minutes.

“The savings is pretty extensive,” Waibel notes. “It is not uncommon for a client to discover that DirectCourse saves you five to seven times your investment. If an organization is impressed by the curriculum this is an abbreviated way of looking at savings.”

To learn more about your potential savings, click here!

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