Admin. Corner: New courses, sunset courses, and an exclusive webinar with Nancy Thaler!


Did you miss our webinar with Nancy Thaler?  Don’t worry – we recorded it.

Check it out here: “Future Needs of Caregivers in the Home” with Nancy Thaler, Executive Director of NASDDDS

In case you missed it – we’ve added several new courses this year!  Click on the titles below to learn more about each one.

CDS:Supporting Older Adults (Advanced Tier)


CRCI: Introduction to Mental Health Recovery and Wellness

Sunsetting Courses.  Content is constantly updated as we make regular revisions to courses to reflect best practices in the field. Changes to our content do occur within 30 days as we become aware of new information pertinent to our content. Each year we process no fewer than 1200 changes and updates to the curriculum. While you may not see major changes in the look and feel of the content, rest assured that your learners are always getting the most current information available.

With that in mind, R&R Arcade and Silly Rules course offerings are being sunsetted on August 15, 2014. Both of these offerings were an attempt to experiment with a different instructional design in an effort to further engage with the learner. However, there has been very little adoption of these offerings and it no longer makes sense to continue to update and develop them. We regret if you are one of the learners who really does enjoy these courses and encourage you to find similar content in the HIPAA lesson within the Direct Support Professionalism Course as well as the CDS course on Individual Rights and Choices.

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