Why it’s Important to help Seniors Avoid Isolation


As we grow older, the tendency to rely only on ourselves is not unusual; however, doing so to the point of isolation can be detrimental to our health, especially when it comes to senior citizens. While relying on the help of family can become wearisome, it can also cause seniors to feel like a burden on others, and thus, sometimes create a desire to isolate. However, it is very important that senior citizens avoid isolation for a variety of reasons.

Two reasons in particular are the risk of injury and depression. Because of their fragile state, senior citizens are especially prone to injury. Suffering an injury alone can be extremely dangerous for a senior. The more severe the injury, the less likely they are to have the ability to call for help. In addition to their risk of injury, seniors are also at risk for suffering from depression, especially if they isolate themselves. This can lead to further issues and may require the help of serious medical attention depending on the severity of the situation.

So what ways can we help prevent or resolve the problem of senior isolation? First, we can make sure that we try and visit them consistently and often.  For most seniors, family and friends mean everything to them and a visit can completely brighten their day. Even if they are short 20-minute visits, a visit is still a visit. If you begin to notice them isolating themselves, try and visit more frequently.

Providing access to transport can also be a great way to boost a senior’s mood and reduce their risk of isolation. Whether it be picking them up and taking them out, getting them involved in senior events, or perhaps investing in a mobility scooter, senior citizens need some sort of method of transportation in order to avoid the feeling of being stuck, or feelings of isolation. There are also a number of options available when it comes to walking assistance devices; you just have to find the right one for their situation.

It’s also important that seniors feel at home wherever they may be living, especially if it is an assisted care facility. To avoid feelings of isolation, help make their dwelling a special place, a place that feels like home. Sometimes, assisted care facilities can feel dreary; however, turning their space into a place of their own can help exponentially. This could mean hanging pictures, having indoor plants, or providing them with other memorabilia that can make them feel more comfortable where they are.

Assuming a senior is not already living at a retirement home or other care facility, another effective way to ensure seniors don’t isolate themselves, is to hire a direct care professional to assist them. Each and every day, the work of personal care assistants and family caregivers make a significant impact on the seniors they work with by providing the necessary care and tasks when needed. Here at DirectCourse, our College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving provides the necessary training designed to offer caregivers the skills needed to provide seniors with effective and superior assistance. Thus, we fully understand the value these professionals offer.

Isolation can be crippling to seniors. If you have a senior family member or close friend, it’s important to be aware of their attitude and mental state. Do what you think is appropriate for your loved one and get them help if necessary.

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