Join Today! DirectCourse’s Social Media Sites Launches


Elsevier, a global leader in medical and health information, continues to find ways to make its DirectCourse online curriculum even more accessible to its learning community. We have successfully launched a Facebook page and Twitter account for both the DirectCourse College of Direct Support (CDS) and the College of Employment Services (CES) online curricula.

Facebook and Twitter are rapidly becoming the standard for immediate access to information in any field. With Facebook, users are able to share almost limitless information with their community through text, graphics, video, and audio links. Twitter users spread news and updates more rapidly, but with less detail and fewer options. Each social media site addresses different needs from varying customers and technologies.

Both the CDS and CES social media sites will be updated regularly. Keep abreast of the most recent developments with the markets that DirectCourse serves, as experts will post relevant and timely reports, articles, and other sources of information from around the world. Curricula changes, course updates, and new products and services will also be featured as soon as they’re available.

You can follow CDS and CES simply by liking our Facebook page and/or joining us on Twitter at the links below. If you don’t have a social media account, both Facebook and Twitter will guide you effortlessly through the process at the same links.

College of Direct Support (CDS)!/directcoursecds

College of Employment
Services (CES)!/directcourseces

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