Case Studies and Whitepapers

Click the links below to learn how CDS courses have been used and how their use on the Elsevier Performance Manager has been successful.

September 2017

Prior to using the training solutions available through DirectCourse, Partnerships in Community Living Inc. was training their staff in a classroom setting that would take place over a two-week orientation.… Read more

November 2013

Results Background Results: See the initial results here! Background: Study Name: The Effects of a Competency Based Training Intervention for Direct Support Professionals on Site Level Organizational Outcomes, Learner Outcomes… Read more

August 2015

The high impact of competency-based training is being recognized throughout the industry Summary: Helping people with disabilities and older citizens to build and enjoy rewarding lives in their communities is… Read more

Creating Tailored CDS Training Modules; a Child Welfare Approach

February 2012

Learn how a new field of practitioners and support professionals (child welfare specialists) were able to successfully utilize CDS while working with and supporting individuals with disabilities.

November 2011

Discover insights from leading research by the Missouri College of Direct Support. They surveyed 185 DSPs after completing the 13 required CDS courses, had on-the-job assessments and received their Advanced Training Certificates. Read more

Evaluating CDS Learning Objectives and Competencies across Disability and Child Welfare Fields: Creating a Crosswalk

August 2011

Read more about the pilot study to evaluate key CDS content and its ability to meet training needs for child welfare professionals working with individuals with disabilities.

Using Medicaid Home and Community Based Services or ICF/MR Funding to Pay for Direct Support Staff Training and Credentialing Programs

July 2011

The NADSP has developed a national credentialing program. This program provides administrative support, structure and oversight for the implementation of a tri-tiered credentialing program.

The North Carolina College of Direct Support Demonstration Project

July 2010

See the results of a three-year demonstration project to assess the use of the College of Direct Support curriculum to train direct support professionals (DSPs) and improve the workforce.

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