Missouri CDS Survey of 185 DSPs Shows Increased Confidence in Skills


In 2008 the Missouri College of Direct Support surveyed 185 Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who had completed 13 required CDS courses and had received an on-the-job assessment and applied for and received an Advanced Training Certificate. The survey asked a number of questions of the DSPs about their use of the CDS and their impressions of the curriculum.

An Executive Summary of the survey is found below and to request a copy of the full report contact Jackie Coleman at the Missouri College of Direct Support via email at: jackie.coleman@dmh.mo.gov

At the time of this report, there were 34 agencies and over 2,000 trainees who were enrolled in the Missouri CDS Pilot Program. Of this total, 243 trainees completed the 13 required courses, received an on the job assessment and applied for and received a Missouri Advanced Training Certificate. For this report, 185 Advanced Training certificate holders were eligible to complete this survey.

Among the findings were these highlights:

• Over 87% of trainees reported an increase in knowledge or skills as a result of CDS courses. In addition, there was a 26.6% percent increase in the number of trainees who felt very capable in serving people with disabilities after taking CDS courses.

• Many trainees reported that the courses resulted in their feeling that they were overall better employees and more able to provide services and supports. In addition, they felt more confident and better able to handle and prevent behavior problems and deal with health and safety issues. Most trainees (98.4%) felt that the on-the-job assessment was either very helpful or helpful.

• 86.9% of trainees who indicated that they were very likely or likely to stay with their current employer after CDS training and 93.4% were likely or very likely to stay in the field of disabilities following CDS training.

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