Elsevier’s PolicyNavigator Streamlines Training


This July, Elsevier launched PolicyNavigator, an efficient and flexible management tool that pairs perfectly with Elsevier Performance Manager – the platform on which most DirectCourse users access their content.  PolicyNavigator can further productivity by making it easier for organizations to train and communicate with employees.

With PolicyNavigator, documents of all kinds are available instantly. Too often training materials, regulatory changes, laws and even simple directives are lost in a flood of paperwork and emails. PolicyNavigator’s software’s search tools allow managers and anyone authorized within the organization to seek out specific documents and information.

The benefits expand to new employees, who often face a number of daunting tasks, from simply learning the job they’ve been hired for, to trying to wade through myriad policies, regulations, and training materials that may seem to come out of nowhere. This is also true for existing employees and managers—new hires mean new paperwork for everyone.

PolicyNavigator helps everyone streamline important materials, allowing everyone to focus on the job at hand—improving the lives of the people they support. New employees have a platform by which they can access training, personnel files, new and existing regulations, and more. Managers can assign modules and policies, and PolicyNavigator tracks to make sure people have received these important documents. Even better, the software can test and then document employees’ understanding of new and existing material.

Because PolicyNavigator is a part of the Elsevier Performance Manager, all of these new tools can become a part of DirectCourse users’ training system seamlessly and efficiently.

Please visit Elsevier’s PolicyNavigator website for more information, including Sales and Technical Support and Information, or read the official press release for more detailed information.




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