We offer online curricula for emerging professionals that support people with physical and mental disabilities. Covering a growing range of roles, from direct support to employment services, we connect workers to a standardized set of skills that celebrates their contribution to society.

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College of Direct Support

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We are committed to sharing resources that help you develop your workforce. Each of these are updated on a regular basis, so check back often for the latest information.

Case Studies
We have worked with several organizations to develop and implement our courses for their workforce. Read the stories in this section to learn more.

Partner Profiles
College of Direct Support Partner Profiles focus on best practices and allow CDS clients to tell their stories about why and how they successfully use the CDS online curriculum in their respective programs, as well as they results they see.

DSP Chronicles
College of Direct Support DSP Chronicles highlight Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) from around the country and chronicle their important work of direct support. The DSPs talk about their challenges, successes, the people they support, and how they go about their jobs day to day.

Evaluation Briefs
College of Direct Support Evaluation Briefs are designed to show the dramatic impact that CDS courses have on the DSP workforce. The reports show changes in workforce job satisfaction, staff stability and performance.

Core Competencies
One of the greatest challenges facing the DSP workforce today is the lack of a standard set of skills. The College of Direct Support online curricula are positioned to change that, as they are built on the 15 core competencies approved by the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals (NADSP).

HR Survey Tools
To ensure your long-term improvement, we have integrated six evaluations into the Elsevier Performance Manager Platform. These will measure your efforts from a variety of perspectives and give you the insights you need to move forward.