We offer online curricula for emerging professionals that support people with physical and mental disabilities. Covering a growing range of roles, from direct support to employment services, we connect workers to a standardized set of skills that celebrates their contribution to society.

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Learning Management

While the College of Direct Support educational content can change lives, our learning and performance management system, Elsevier Performance Manager, is truly transformational. It enables members of your workforce to set their own training schedule, accessing the online lessons when it works best for them.

The Elsevier Performance Manager platform, trusted by more than 1,500 organizations and 1.5 million professionals worldwide, is the platform that powers the DirectCourse curricula.

It also gives you powerful tracking and assessment tools, which foster collaboration and communication throughout your organization, building an even greater sense of pride and accomplishment throughout the course of the training – and beyond.

Elsevier Performance Manager provides the capability to monitor and track:

  • Employee information
  • Assignments and testing
  • Assessments and remediation
  • Acknowledgements and discussions
  • Transcript and credit reporting
  • Classes and events
  • Competency checklists and online grading
  • Surveys
  • Goal and performance measurement
  • Skills-based job profiles
  • Peer reviews
  • Development action plans
  • Individual employee and supervisor portfolios


Online training.
All College of Direct Support coursework is completed online, so employees can complete their education when it works best for them, all from a secure Internet connection.

Measurement and improvement.
Since your employees’ new education is based on an accepted, validated skill set, you will be better equipped to monitor and measure performance and provide clear direction for improvement using an Elsevier Performance Manager platform.

Improved collaboration.
Our standards-based approach ensures everyone in your organization is working with the same set of skills, improving coordination and enhancing communication.

Tangible results.
A more stable, reliable, better-trained workforce will help those you support live more independent lives within the community.