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Admin Corner – The Elsevier Performance Manager: Featuring Content Uploading

Posted on by DirectCourse Admin

The Elsevier Performance Manager (EPM) is an online education and performance management solution. It offers the tools you need to better manage, develop and communicate with your staff. Administrators use EPM daily to perform tasks such as adding learners, assigning training, viewing reports, and more.

The Admin Corner will feature a specific training tool within Elsevier Performance Manager geared to increase productivity. This issue of the Admin Corner features Content Uploading.

Content Uploading: You can “upload” and “link” your own content/lessons using the Content/Upload Files feature by moving a copy of your file from your computer to our remote server. This means you no longer need Client Service assistance to create a URL for linked lessons. Your lessons can be created using web authoring products such as PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe, etc. For a complete list of compatible file types visit the Content Uploading Help Document.

Tips for uploading Content:

A free download is available to convert PowerPoint files for uploading so that they present consistently via the Internet no matter what IBM compatible PC they are viewed on. The name of the product is iSpring. Click the following link:
to convert PowerPoint files to FLASH. Conversion creates a smaller file, greater accessibility to learners, consistent delivery, streaming, voice integration and video capability are just a few benefits associated with converting your files to FLASH.

If you’d like additional information about Elsevier Performance Manager and its tools, such as Content Uploading and more, please contact a member of the Elsevier/DirectCourse team toll free at 1-877-353-2767 or via

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